Cars from the USA

We specialize in car importing from the United States but also from Europe.

We offer buying a new, used or damaged car. New cars are mostly the cars bought from the car dealer. In case of buying used or damaged car we suggest searching on online auctions.

Some of the auction sites supports both English and Polish. If you have a trouble finding a specific car, we will provide help.

What differs us from the market competition?

- Professionalism and reliability

- Years of experience

- A small commission and comprehensive service

- High flexibility when working with Clients


Customs Duty (10%)

Basis for charging customs duty: the value of transaction increased by the additional costs of transport and potential insurance of the vehicle to the external borders of the European Union / Customs entry.

The rate of duty - 10% according to EU export tariff of TARIC (affects USA and Canada).

Excise tax

The basis for calculation of the excise tax: the customs value plus the tax payable.
From 1st December 2006 the excise tax on the used cars imported from the United States is:
3.1% of the purchase value for cars with engine capacity to 2000 cm3
18.6% of the purchase value for cars with engine capacity over 2000 cm3

VAT (23%)

The basis for calculating VAT: the customs value plus custom duty and excise tax.


 Poles often think that only used or damaged car import is cost-effective. However, that is not true.

For the purchase of a new car in the United States speak among others:

- A large price difference compared to the European market (especially felt in the case of luxury cars). Well-chosen range and smooth transaction can save up to several tens of percent of the price in Poland.

- Availability of models that are not on dealers' offer in Poland: Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger, Chevrolet Corvette and many other

- Increased availability of cars and supercars in their limited versions (eg. Mercedes SLR, Porsche Panamera)

- The shorter waiting time for the models covered in Poland with the need of booking

- Earlier release on the American market of new models

- Wide range of optional equipment on selected models

Shall we give you links to the manufacturers?


 The main advantages of buying used car at the American market are:

1. The prices of used cars, both at dealers and auctions are much lower than in Europe, even with all the required fees.

2. A wide selection of cars from the huge automotive market allows you to find everything you can dream of.

3. The condition of used cars in the United States is much better than the used vehicles in Europe. These cars throughout the period of use were driven on good, even roads, and were often adequately maintained throughout the period of use.

4. Another advantage is the warm climate and no or a small amount of corrosion. Warm winters or their lack thereof preclude the application of road salt, which destroys much of the chassis and car bodies.

Additionally, we offer secure transactions by checking the Carfax and AutoCheck history of the vehicle.

We refute the myth which is a popular opinion, as the access to parts is difficult, both original and replacements. The market is already full of companies importing parts from the United States and many manufacturers who offer replacements of a good quality.

Damaged Cars

The interesting alternative for both new and used cars is to buy a damaged car. The United States has a huge number of cars and proportionally large number of cars after collisions and accidents. Insurance companies, after the payment of compensation to their participants, sell the seized cars through auction houses. The price of these cars is often very low. This is due to the desire to quickly get rid of the car and the possibility of the auction (for as much you bid for that much you buy). Damaged Cars can be verified in terms of appearance (photos of vehicles), and detailed descriptions.

See our offer at auctions in the USA for more details.

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